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Dynamic Temperature Flow Controller  26-80 kW Cooling 9-48 kW Heating
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Up to 48 Circuits Dynamic Temperature Control

The mold surface temperature has great influence for plastic injection molding. With high mold surface temperature, the surface quality of part will be better, but the cooling time will increase and accordingly the cycle time will rise as well. The decreasing of the mold surface temperature will reduce the cooling time, but there is no benefit for the surface quality of part. Traditional cooling and pulsed cooling are used for the mold temperature control without changing cooling system design. With the traditional cooling method, constant coolant flow is employed in the overall molding process. Generally, the coolant temperature is almost As known the conventional process with stable mold temperature and constant coolant flow, the required cooling time will stable as well. However, if coolant flow stops during cooling phase, the cooling time must increase to reach the ejection temperature. And pulsed cooling is adopted for changing cooling time and pulsed cooling time to find out the mold open and close temperatures close to those required for conventional cooling.

Su soğutma
Water Cooling Units

Intelligent units to increase process
efficiency through heat control in industrial facilities.

Sıcaklık kontrol
Temperature Control Units

Units that perform precise temperature control between 90 ° C - 300 ° C in plastic injection, metal injection, extrusion and rubber processes.


Units designed for heating and cooling of buildings (Factory, Hospital, School, Shopping Mall….).