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Water Cooled Chiller  100 - 1900 kW
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Master range centralized chillers are completely assembled with all refrigerant, hydraulic piping and internal wiring ready for field installations. The units are pressure tested and fully charged with referigerant gas. An operational test is performed with water flowing through the cooler to check that each refrigeration circuit operates correctly. MASTERTECH -W series water cooled chillers are designed between capacity range (170 kW to 1900kW). Twin semi hermetic piston or screw type compressors are assembled for industrial refrigeration applications to ensure high operational performance.

Su soğutma
Water Cooling Units

Intelligent units to increase process
efficiency through heat control in industrial facilities.

Sıcaklık kontrol
Temperature Control Units

Units that perform precise temperature control between 90 ° C - 300 ° C in plastic injection, metal injection, extrusion and rubber processes.


Units designed for heating and cooling of buildings (Factory, Hospital, School, Shopping Mall….).