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CNC Cooling Unit  05, 2,2 kW
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A Reliable Teammate For CNC Cooling

Machine tools are characterized by their large number of spindle speeds and feeds to cope with the requirements of machining parts of different materials and dimensions using different types of cutting tool materials and geometries. Process oil used for applications such as hydraulics, cutting, lubrication, broaching, honing, quenching, drilling, grinding etc., also aid as a cooling media. In other words, the heat dissipated during the process is carried away by the circulating oil. Now this oil needs to be maintained at a certain temperature range to retain its physical and chemical properties. Spindletech chiller is designed for constant temperature control of hydraulic oil used in the machine tooling industry. Unit is designed to be used in heat transmission, fluid, and temperature control, to solve various “heat problems” in the machine tool. Spindletech is an advanced controller that regulates temperature of any liquid used in machine tools, semiconductor-manufacturing equipment and various industrial machines with high precision. Gearbox is mainly used in machine tool main-spindle drives, test-benches and applications where high torque is needed. Gearbox is mounted directly to the spindle. The gearbox is dedicated for today’s high speed requirements in machine tools. The spindle gear box is lubricated with oils for the smooth operation of gears. These oils will be heated during the process. The gearbox is fully sealed, and the gears are immersed in lubricant, which is kept cool by an circulating oil chiller.

Su soğutma
Water Cooling Units

Intelligent units to increase process
efficiency through heat control in industrial facilities.

Sıcaklık kontrol
Temperature Control Units

Units that perform precise temperature control between 90 ° C - 300 ° C in plastic injection, metal injection, extrusion and rubber processes.


Units designed for heating and cooling of buildings (Factory, Hospital, School, Shopping Mall….).